Fly-Goodbye Pistol lets you have target practice with flies

I will be the first to admit that my hatred for bugs is a strong and unwavering one.  I’m aware that a lot of bugs are necessary for the environment, but I still like them best when they’re dead.  At least indoors, outdoors I don’t mind them as much.  However, the down side with killing them usually means I have to smash them onto some surface and then clean  up the mess.  A predicament that I despise almost as much as I do bugs.  Well soon you can pick up the Fly-Goodbye Pistol, which solves the bug and mess issues.

It not only solves the obnoxious mess dead bugs create, but it gives you the fun of shooting the fly.  Shooting a fly is far more fun than smacking one.  To shoot the fly you’ll need to insert the front tube that has some glue at the bottom of it.  Then pump up the gun and when you’re within about 1 to 3cm, shoot.  Of course you’ll probably need to use the bullseye to get the fly.  The gun then sucks in the fly and it gets trapped in the goo, it’s basically like high tech fly paper.  The gun will cost you about $30 or €24, but it won’t be until May that these will probably start shipping out.

Source: ChipChick

3 thoughts on “Fly-Goodbye Pistol lets you have target practice with flies”

  1. I think everyone is misunderstanding the way this thing works. I believe it sucks the fly into the gun. Why else would you have to be so close? There is no “shooting”. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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