Alarm clock gets Continental for breakfast

by James

It started with the rooster crowing at dawn. Then came the clangy bells which ran out if you ignored it long enough. Then came the annoying buzzer which wouldn’t stop, replaced by the dulcet tunes of the clock radio. But you still had to get up to get the coffee going. Not anymore.

The Wake Up Breakfast Alarm Clock brews a cup of java, hot chocolate, and even serves orange juice thanks to its twin reservoirs and has a toaster which will pop up the toast as well, giving those early to rise a fresh continental breakfast. Easy to set up, pour water in the coffee reservoir, add coffee to the filter. Place a slice of toast into the toaster tray. I’d be a tad concerned that placing orange juice in the other reservoir will cause it to spoil on a hot summer night. But I really like the idea of being able to set the alarm and you wake up to the smells of fresh brewed coffee and popped up toast. It’s all very “Wallace and Grommit” in its thinking (hat tip to Electric Pig for that moniker). Now all we need is that automatic dressing machine.

No word on cost or availability as it’s merely a concept gadget from our friends over at Yanko. But it’s easy to see this alarm clock being quite popular with the commuting crowd that have to get out the door and get on the road to work. Sure beats that McDonald’s drive through.

Hat tip to Electric Pig

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