Computer Choppers add color to the Mac Mini

by Ally

Whenever I’m in the Apple store, I can’t resist drooling over the Mac Mini.  I already have a tiny PC that does basically the same thing as a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV, but it’s nowhere near as pretty as the Mac Mini.  I know, it’s sad to admit that I want an electronic device mostly because of how it looks. However, let’s face it, I’m not the only Mac fan that way.  A large part of the reason Apple products are such a pleasure to own, is because they have such a nice sleek look to them.  The down side with Apple products is that they lack a decent range of colors.

They all are white or gray with black accents.  All around, nowhere near colorful, but we overlook it because we love the products too much.  Those that can’t take anymore will usually resort to skins to spice up their laptops or iPods.  Sadly though, there’s not much of a way to add color to the Mac Mini, that is until now.  Computer Choppers is not offering to customize that bright white Mac Mini for you and give it a bit of color.  The custom jobs start out at $199.  They offer 16 different color choices and then 6 different patterns (including camouflage).  It’s not something that would be cheap, but if you’re tired of bland colors and have some extra cash it’d be the way to go.

Source: Gearfuse

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