The 4-Port USB Tulip Hub celebrates spring early

Spring is finally starting to how signs of coming soon, there have been several times this past winter that it didn’t seem like it’d ever come.  Later this month will be the first official day of spring, which would be a good time to celebrate with this USB drive.  As weather warms up, color starts showing up outside and one of the first things to start showing in spring are tulips.  Now even before they start budding, you can have them in USB form.

These bright red flowers are pretty as well as functional.  These would also be great to add cheer to an otherwise depressing and dull office.  This hub isn’t for those that have a lot of USB accessories, but they’ll work for those that only need a couple extra ports.  The only thing that worries me about this plastic USB hub is the length of the cord, it just doesn’t seem like it’s very long.  It might make it awkward to find a good spot to set it down.  You can pick it up for $22 through Fred Flare.

Source: NerdApproved