PowerDrive Read/Write Storage Library for CD/DVD


The PowerDrive Read/Write Storage Library for CD/DVD is perfect for folks who want to keep their work area neat and tidy. After all, throughout all these years, surely you must have obtained and collected a fair number of CDs and DVDs with plenty of jewel cases to boot? Arranging them in a neat manner can be quite the daunting task, hence the PowerDrive Read/Write Storage Library for CD/DVD.

The PowerDrive is a 2-in-1 device with an automatic Disc Library (storage/retrieval) and an external DVD writer. It allows you to access your CD/DVD library and a built-in optical drive simultaneously. As a storage device, it provides enormous capacity, (100 DVDs per unit or 12,700 DVDs per system, via USB hubs) – imagine what you can do with a maximum of 600 trillion bytes of online storage space when it’s filled up with re-writable DVD discs. Searching for any CD/DVD title or audio/music/video is simple, all it takes is a PC command. The disc is automatically loaded into the optical drive in seconds and is readily available for your applications. A digital library is created the first time you insert a CD into the system, or it’s expanded whenever you add a new disc to the system, using the CD LIBRARY 5.0 software that comes with the unit.

Sounds like this $299.99 unit will work like a dream as you kiss goodbye to messy workspaces!

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