New tire/wheel design is long on concept, but do the numbers support it?

The old adage for cars is that engineers aren’t mechanics for if they were, they wouldn’t design their cars the way they do. Well, the same could be said of designers who aren’t engineers OR ). mechanics. Witness this ambitious wheel/tire design called the “Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System” (aka DAWS). The idea is interesting.

As a car takes a turn at speed, rather than losing its center of gravity due to inertia, the wheel itself is designed into eight segments to telescope laterally – thereby keeping the center of gravity where it is. The theory is that the wheel segments move on what is referred to as a liner bearing – located in the hub. This allows the wheel to shift the entire vehicle proportionally and resist inertia’s effects on pulling tires off the road.

Man. Can you imagine not only the cost of outfitting a car a set of these babies, but also of fixing them when they break? As my dad used to say … the more parts a design has, the greater the chance it has of breaking down. Whereas, a simple circlular tube design has little chance of catastrophic failure except for a tire blowout itself.

Still, it’s a cool idea that represents out of the box thinking.

Hat Tip – Yanko

5 thoughts on “New tire/wheel design is long on concept, but do the numbers support it?”

  1. So what happens when a rock gets lodged in between the tire plates and you go flying off the road in a techno blaze of glory?

  2. I don’t think a rock will get you flying off the road, it will just detract from your ride comfort.

    I’m still waiting on the tweel =P

  3. Good idea but to finiky for raod use ( dirt, speed temperature). A tyre and rim lenialy gided on it’s axle or sharf mounted, will do the same trick and can be keept clean and sturdy for road use.

  4. i understand the concept but the car would fly off the road. according to the design the segment on the pavement shifts to keep it from skidding of the road but as it rolls it resets and as the next segment comes it shifts that much more and the next and so on by the time you travel 20 ft. the car would have shifted 5Ft. you may as well be skidding.

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