Gruve from Muve

We’ve reported on devices that help people lose weight before, such as the FitBit. I myself have started using the WiiFit. I enjoy how this device keeps me accountable for my weight, as well as how long I do my balance and aerobics. I suppose that if you want to lose weight, being accountable to someone, even if it is a machine, is the first step.

It appears that a company known as Muve has come up with the Gruve. (I did not make this up.) The Gruve is designed to keep track of your movement like a pedometer. Of course, we have seen devices like these before.

What makes the Gruve different than most pedometers is that you had better exercise, or else. Apparently, if you remain motionless long enough, the Gruve will flash a series of lights in an “embarrassing color code”. If you are lazy long enough, the Gruve will start buzzing like a vibrating cellular phone.

It appears we now have a device that will annoy us if we don’t exercise. It’s like having a real hard trainer like those guys on The Biggest Loser that make the competitors cry. The ones that say things like: “Come on, you can do better than that! Do you want to be fat for the rest of your life?”

Right now, the Gruve from Muve is merely a concept now, but it is a good one. It’s one I wouldn’t mind seeing in my pocket to help lose some weight. At least until it starts going off.


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  1. This product does not work very well. When you download the software some of it is not compatible with the computer and you do not get all the charts. Even if you write to them, they do not respond to help you. The clasp does not hold and you can lose it. Get a good pedometer instead of this product.

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