Philips Portable USB Travel Laptop Speaker System

Sometimes when you have your laptop out with you someplace, those laptop speakers just don’t cut it.  You can go for headphones, but if someone else is trying to listen it gets obnoxious to share headphones.  With these portable speakers you could allow for whoever is near you to listen to what you’re watching or listening to.  Of course, it’d be best to use these in someplace where those that don’t want to listen to it, don’t have to.  Otherwise chaos might ensue, well that or people will silently fume and do absolutely nothing about it.

The Philips speakers oddly enough look about like the ends of an old phone rather than actual speakers.  As with pretty much all portable speakers, these are small enough to fit in your  pocket or bag.  The speakers are designed for your laptop, but could easily work with your iPod or any other audio device.  It has a bass pip that emphasizes the low tones of your music to give a realistic sound.  You can pick up the set for $18.85 on Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid