Bike Crash Cam

I have a friend of mine who was riding his bike to work and was hit by a bus. The bus driver did very little to help him, except to give him a ride. Unfortunately, my friend had some bad head wounds that had to be treated by a doctor, and we all know how expensive that can get.

If my friend had the Bike Crash Cam, he would have had everything he needed for a lawsuit. This particular device that you see here can be mounted on the handlebars, and films with a resolution of 1280 x 1024.

The battery is completely rechargeable, using an AC adaptor, car charger, or USB cable. All the video footage is filmed in AVI or MPEG-4 and is stored on a Micro SD Card with a maximum memory of 32GB.

So, if my friend had the Bike Crash Cam, he could have taken the video footage to a lawyer who would have gladly represented him. Hopefully the camera’s wide angle lens and special mode for capturing escaping vehicles could get a shot of a hit-and-run’s license plate.

The Bike Crash Cam is available from our old friends at Brando, who makes devices like the MP4 Watch. You should be able to purchase it at the Brando site for about $266.50.