The Belkin Clamp On Surge Protector

by Ally

One down side of surge protectors is they are typically down on the floor and difficult to reach.  If you ever have to switch out something on a regular basis it becomes even more of a nuisance.  Granted a lot of times your computer is on the floor too, but there are other gadgets besides your computer that stay plugged in.   So why should your surge protector be jammed in a dark corner that’s hard to get to?  Well now Belkin has a cool little surge protector that would hopefully make your life a little easier.

It clamps on to your desk, so it won’t take up much space and you’ll be able to have easier access to the cords.  It would also make it an excellent surge protector for work benches out in your garage or for those of you that build computers a lot.  Of course there are always other types of surge protectors that could perhaps mount to the wall.  This way though you could always move it around fairly easily.  You can pick these up on Amazon for $24.95.

Source: ForeverGeek

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