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Royal Philips Electronics recently rolled out their SpeechMike Air, a wireless version of its already popular SpeechMike audio recording device. This new addition to the family helps Philips expand its line of modern, digital speech processing solutions. Well, as you already can tell by the name, the SpeechMike Air won’t be able to help you perform a slam dunk, but will boast built-in wireless functionality, a dictation microphone, playback speaker, dictation control and PC navigation. Not only that, each purchase will be accompanied by software that is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software, allowing users to customize SpeechMike Air simply by controlling key functions of the speech recognition software.

The SpeechMike Air is based on a streamlined shape and comes with enlarged function buttons which allow you to keep movement to an absolute minimum so as not to interfere with the recording session. It is equipped with a “push-to-dictate” function that helps simplify the dictation process, allowing it to be more intuitive. Users are able to use a single button to enable start and stop functions so as to make the entire operation simpler. According to Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO and Category Leader, Philips Speech Processing, “We believe the SpeechMike Air sets the global standard in terms of innovation, ergonomics and user-friendliness. The system clearly highlights our position as the world’s leading one-stop shop for modern, digital speech processing solutions – now also boasting a wireless solution for the office, medical practice or law firm. With innovative technology and sophisticated solutions that work, we are shaping the workflows of our customers even more productively.”

Part of the SpeechMike Air system also includes both the SpeechMike AirPort docking station and SpeechMike AirBridge receiver module. The former will hook up to a computer for two purposes – to keep its internal battery juiced up as well as making data transfer a snap, all this while the receiver module handles speech data from the dictation device wirelessly as long as you remain within a 32 foot radius. All data transfer will be encrypted and happen over a Bluetooth connection, making sure nobody is able to “eavesdrop” on your precious data. The image you see above is from the wired version, so the final product ought to be rather similar in design.

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