Virtual Cocoon

Remember back in the early nineties, after The Lawnmower Man movie was released, when we all thought that Virtual Reality was going to be the wave of the future? I mean, we truly believed that we would just put on a special helmet and goggles, and we would have a virtual experience with all our five senses.

I suppose that it is better late than never, as a group of scientists from the Universities of York and Warwick have invented the Virtual Cocoon. This virtual helmet has a high-definition screen, and internal speakers for surround sound.

What makes this helmet truly virtual is that it has tubes that can spray scents, so you can smell your virtual experience. These tubes can also spray in your mouth, so you can taste your virtual food.

Also included in the helmet are temperature control functions such as a small fan and heating unit to give the illusion of humidity. As far as I know, it does not have a Freon tube like a refrigerator to simulate cold.

Yes, that is quite strange, and who knows if it will really work? The creators of this device want to sell it for about 1,500 pounds ($2,675), and plan for it to hit the market in about five years.