Raider rugged super small PC

Most small devices can be pretty fragile, and more often than not, these tend to break down after a while. Seriously, if you’ve got an iPod Shuffle and treat it non-chalantly, sooner or later something is going to break. A larger device might not necessarily be stronger in any way, but we guess psychologically speaking, one would think so for most cases. Today we’ll look at what General Micro Systems has to offer – they are a noted designer and manufacturer of embedded computing products for defense, aerospace and compute-intensive applications, and just rolled out its Raider, also known as the S705, a new rugged, tiny Core 2 Duo powered system which is capable of delivering the highest processing power per cubic inch, per watt in the world.

Inside the “Raider”, the Core 2 Duo processor offers up to 2.16 GHz of power and 4MB of L2 cache. Amazingly enough, it is able to support up to 2GB of 667 MHz DDR-2SDRAM as well. Underneath the chassis, you will find the S705 to be extremely flexible as it will come in a variety of configurations that are completely upgradeable and compatible along the Intel migration path. This mini computing device is capable of supporting up to five different expansion buses, a range of I/O, and numerous video/audio options. It sips just 15 watts of juice and comes in an extremely tiny form factor – measuring 4.6″ x 4.6″ x 1.6″ and tipping the scales at just 2 lbs.

“Raider” is able to work with up to half a dozen wireless radios on four to six antennae feeds. This integrated functionality allows for simultaneous monitoring and tracking of phone, wireless, CDMA, TDMA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth or others. In addition, you will also benefit from Dual GigE with TCP/IP offloading engine, high-performance video, Dual Com ports with 232/422, four USB ports, full audio for VOIP applications, full BIT and EBIT testing, and thermal management for safe thermal operation. “Raider” is tougher than you think, capable of working in tough environments (-40 C to +85 C, MIL-STD 810F) with the ability to fix or remove a couple of optional 256 GB SSDs. Don’t think this will go commercial for the man on the street though.

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