Penguin Fighter USB Drives keeps penguins tough

by Ally

Penguins are all the time getting depicted as weak little fat guys.  Which is entirely unfair, a lot of times they even show them off wearing scarves.  Well in reality penguins are entirely too tough for that nonsense.  They don’t take any scuff from anyone and that’s exactly what you can tell the world when you carry around one of these USB drives.  No one will think any longer that penguins are stuffy little guys, in need of a scarf.

These come in the two forms shown here and are made of a durable solid rubber casting.  So not only do these penguins look tough, they can stand up to a decent beating.  Since this is such a fun USB drive, it’d be more than a little disappointing to manage to lose the cap to the drive.  Of course they aren’t sporting a ton of storage, just 2GB, but that’s not horrible either.  You can pick it up for $15 a piece from GizGeek.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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