Battery Powered Sprayer


Gardening can be quite hard work, especially when you have to till the land, make sure the plants and trees are well taken care off, remove pests while keeping your entire botanical extended family happy with spray-on
vitamins and supplements. Unfortunately for many, a really large garden that requires plenty of spraying will often lead to painful muscle groups, as the repeated action of pumping a sprayer is no joke. Enter the Battery Powered Sprayer to help you out.

Lawn and garden spraying just got a lot easier. This battery-powered sprayer does the job without tiresome reaching, stooping, or pumping the unit. Just flick the switch and it automatically starts to spray. Spraying wand telescopes from 12″ up to 26″ and stores in a side holder. Nozzle tip adjusts from a steady stream to a fine mist. Comfortable carrying handle and shoulder strap. Holds 1 gallon of liquid insecticides, pest-icides, or other chemicals. Uses 4 D batteries (not included). Durable ABS plastic will last for years.

$39.99 sounds like a decent bargain since you won’t have to break out too much of a sweat the next time you decide to coat your plants with a layer of chemical goodness.

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