We’ve reported on a lot of devices that can stream video from the computer to your television, like the Internet TV Player from NetGear as well as devices like the Roku that can stream movies to your television. It appears ZillionTV has taken both devices and merged them into one.

ZillionTV is like watching Hulu on your television, which is fine by me. I watch Hulu all the time for their mediocre movies, but mostly for the recent episodes of my favorite TV shows.

It appears that studios like ABC/Disney, 20th Century Fox, NBC, Sony, and Warner Brother are all backing ZillionTV. The content that they will provide for it will be on demand, and ZillionTV users will not be charged a monthly fee for services. Customers will be charged rental fees for TV shows and films for a price between $1.99-3.99, and the box itself costs about $100.

What makes ZillionTV different from other content-streaming devices is that the user can select advertising “based on their interests and preferences”. Are they trying to tell me that I can watch the commercials that I want to watch?

ZillionTV has also stated that they are teaming with Visa Inc. to offer the viewers a way to make purchases directly from their television. Is this the beginning of television commerce?

I suppose the future will answer those last two questions. I do know for sure that the remote for the ZillionTV is designed by Hillcrest, makers of very advanced motion-control remotes like the Loop that I reported on at CES. If only ZillionTV came with that remote.


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