NVIDIA rolls out fastest mobile notebook GPU in the world

Trust the folks at NVIDIA to remain ahead of the competition when it comes to graphical performance on the computer, and this time it is the notebook that receives their touch of expertise. NVIDIA has recently introduced Graphical Unit Processors (GPUs) in four different categories that offer varying levels of performance which will appeal to folks who use their notebooks as the primary computer gaming platform. Out of the four, the GeForce GTX 280M is hailed to be the fastest of the bunch and in the market, capable of pumping out up to 50% more performance compared to previous generation enthusiast notebook GPUs. More on these GPUs right after the jump.

The GeForce GTX 280M and 260M GPUs were specially designed for enthusiast notebooks, while the GeForce GTS 160M and 150M GPUs target high-performance, sleek notebooks. Both the GeForce GTX 200M and GeForce GTS 100M Series GPUs were delivered in order to make High Definition games possible on a notebook without sacrificing power consumption. Thanks to the wonders of incorporating NVIDIA SLI technology for nearly double the graphics performance over a single GPU, a couple of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPUs is what places it at the top of the food chain for today (and at least in some time to come, until rivals ATI can come up with something better or NVIDIA themselves release a newer version). HybridPower technology has also been included in order to dynamically power down the powerful discreet GPU and transfer graphics operation to an integrated GPU whenever there is no need to run graphically intensive programs – such as typing out emails for example.

The GeForce GTX 200M and GeForce GTS 100M Series GPUs boast NVIDIA’s CUDA computing architecture while offering Graphics Plus capabilities which are not available in its competitors. In addition, owners of notebooks with NVIDIA GPUs are able to download upgradeable graphics drivers straight from NVIDIA.com in order to take advantage of new features immediately. NVIDIA is currently the only GPU manufacturer in the world who offers notebook driver downloads direct to consumers.

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