iRiver’s e-book reader

by Mark R

I believe the last time I reported on what iRiver was doing, it was the WAVE-HOME, which they had prominently on display at CES. I’m surprised they didn’t have this new product out on display at Las Vegas last January.

This product is an e-book reader. I suppose we’ve been hearing a lot about e-book readers since the unveiling of the Kindle 2. The iRiver e-reader, which I believe is called the Libre, kind of looks like the e-reader sequel from Amazon.

Then again, iRiver’s aesthetic seems to be very minimalist, with white as the most prominent color. Check out their product line and CES booth if you don’t believe me. There is no QWERTY keyboard on the Libre, just a funky button that looks like a joystick interface.

The iRiver e-book reader can handle PDF files, and is also capable of audio file playback. It also comes with an SD memory card slot so you can get your text or audio files where you need them.

The Libre, which my source does not site as its official name, is to be released by iRiver Japan. I’m not certain if this product is going to make its way into other countries, and I’m also not certain if there is a huge market for e-book readers. So what is the state of the e-book market? Drop me a comment if you know.


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Doug Connell Says: March 3, 2009 at 12:50 pm

I believe E-book readers whether Kindle or the Libre have definite future. The could easily capture a big market if scholastic textbooks were available for download. With some textbooks costing $60-120 dollars if they could be down loaded for $10-15, I’m sure students or their parents will be very quick to pay the upfront cost for the reader. The idea of a whole scholastic library stored on or in a machine the size of one book is just too exciting a prospect to be ignored. Too often when students don’t know what courses they can get into until the last minute. By the time they know the bookstore is out of the books needed for the first class that begins tomorrow. If they have to order them then it’s 1-3 weeks before they can get them and the semester is half over. What concept to it is to get your class and then go home and download the books that are needed. Never mind all the trees that will be saved.

Doug Connell
Ft. Myers, FL

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