Digital Blue U-Turn Camera

by Mark R

Considering that everyone has a digital camera these days, it is simply a matter of time before little kids start to want one. I know my children, who are ages six and under, want to play with our digital camera, but would you give a kid that young a digital camera? I don’t think so.

Fortunately, Digital Blue has one way of satisfying the curiosity of a little child with the U-Turn Digital Camera made for the little hands. The U-Turn has a 2.4 inch LCD screen that swivels so that the kids can take pictures of themselves. Hopefully, it is durable enough for the little ones’ rough lifestyle.

There is enough built-in memory on the U-Turn for about eighty digital photos, but it doesn’t look like they can be downloaded to a PC or laptop. Digital Blue’s press release on this product does not say whether it comes with a USB to mini-USB cord and appropriate ports for linking up.

Another feature is the “morphing” button feature that allows the user to morph an image with fun effects like the sketchy head, swirls, and squatty view.

The Digital Blue U-Turn digital camera is expected to be out in the Spring, for a price of about $49.99.


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Jason Gorham Says: October 28, 2009 at 5:42 am

Digital Blue has a full assortment of digital cameras for kids. You can buy the U Turn camera on our website.

Digital Blue U Turn Camera

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