The 269 Clock goes for simplicity

by Ally

Apparently the number 269 is quite important, it’s the address of an old building.  That old building is what inspired the design of this clock.  I can’t help but wonder what the actual building looks like and if it has a swinging pendulum on it as well.  The nice thing is that the Japanese designer apparently has a true love for home, because they opted to use not only materials, but techniques from their local area in order to create the clock.

The designer, Yasuki Takamori, they are from Ishikawa Prefecture within Japan.  These clocks are extremely limited edition, there were only two created.  For those that enjoy one of a kind items, this is at least close to it.  Both of the clocks that are being sold are pictured here.  The number 269 is significant, not only because of the address, but because the designer decided to use the number again to create the price.  So it’s doubtful that many will be able to afford this walnut plywood clock at that price.

Source: Bltd

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TC Says: March 4, 2009 at 11:55 am

Wow, it is so simple. I like this very much. No fancy things, everything come back to natural. Perfect match with my Wooden Radio, everything seem so retro and eco-friendly.

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