ELPA Remote Control Has Built-in Speaker

by Mark R

Did you ever crave a remote control for your television with a built-in speaker? Me neither. A Japanese company called ELPA has made the RC-25SP, and it has been receiving a lot of criticism.

As you can see, this universal remote is not bar-shaped like most, but an odd box-shape with a speaker on the flip-out lid. This is definitely not very ergonomic, unless you are the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

It comes with the receiver that you see on the picture on the left. I’m not certain if this would be a good idea to have this, because most televisions are probably not prepared for this extra speaker feature.

However, who would have thought that gaming controllers would ever had a miniature speaker in them? The one on the Wii works to create a more interactive experience for the user, so maybe ELPA thought they could create some sort of similar effect.

So, you have to give Kudos to ELPA for thinking out of the box for innovation, now if they would have forgotten about the box for the remote design. You should be able to purchase the RC-25SP for about $41, but it’s probably only available in Japan.


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Gary Says: March 2, 2009 at 11:52 am

Here is the skinny. The ELPA is used to transmit tv audio to the remote speaker. This product I would say is mainyly used at night as to not disturb others. Also note the headphone jack and AC adapter. It’s retarded shaped because there is another giant receiver in the bottom of it. I guess the silly low tech japanese don’t have mini i/r transmitter/receivers. Somebody proabably made a prototype of this in a hobby box from radioshack and the manufacturer just ran with it.


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