Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

There is a lot of demand for personal home security surveillance systems, but these are often intricate and expensive. A company called Avaak has recently released the Vue Personal Video Network, which is both simple and inexpensive.

The camera that you see in the photo is quite small, only 3 inches high and weighs only 0.1 ounces. See the metal dome on the Vue? That is magnetic mount for the camera itself, which makes it easy to manipulate the camera angle. That mount can be attached to a wall with sticky adhesive or with a screw.

These cameras won’t give you any sound, but they film in VGA at 10 frames per second with resolution of 640 x 480. It has an internal battery (a standard lithium CR123 cell) with enough power for one million images, or ten minutes of video a day for a year.

Of course, the surveillance cameras are useless without a base station, but the Avaak Vue comes with one. The cameras connect wirelessly to the station for a 300 foot range indoors, and mesh technology makes it good enough for a 900 foot radius around the hub.

You should be able to get the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network for about $299, which comes with two cameras. There is a service fee of $19.95 a year, with the first year for free.


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  1. Until the cameras can be motion activated they will be just an expensive toy. There should be a feature allowing the user to disable/enable the cameras. Disable when in their proximity, for example, and enable when you leave the area.

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