Motion Activated Alarm Lockbox


So you can’t really afford a safe at this point in your life, but you will want something secure to place all your valuables and secret letters without letting your pesky younger sibling to go make a ruckus by going through your stuff? Enter the Motion Activated Alarm Lockbox.

This is the lockbox that protects your valuables with a motion-activated 102dB alarm – as loud as a chain saw, that sounds when someone attempts to open the lid or move the box. The lockbox has a three digit combination and an arm button for easy operation. Three security modes enable you to set the alarm based upon the intended use. Roaming mode allows the box to be picked up and moved within a five-second span before the alarm sounds. Medium security allows for horizontal movement (on a table, shelf, or other flat surface) within a 3′ radius, ideal for drawers or shelves. High security detects the slightest movement and immediately activates the alarm. Two cable holes in the rear allow you to charge electronic devices you have locked up. The holes can also be used to secure the box to an immovable object using a slender security cable (not included). ABS construction. Includes three AAA batteries that provide up to three months of operation.

Sounds like this is one of the better ways to spend $99.95. If you want to find other ways to blow your dough, head on to our sister site Foolish Gadgets. We have at least a quartet of nutty products to look through each day, living up to the adage “a fool and his money are soon parted.”

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