The Monsterpod tripod sticks to just about anything

You might actually recognize this tripod, it was shown here a couple years ago after being featured at CES.  However, at the time there was zero purchase info and not much general information.  What’s great about this tripod is when you go on vacation either alone or with your significant other, it always bites that you can get no shots of you posing in different areas (if you’re alone) or pictures of you standing affectionately with the significant other.  It always seems like everyone has those couples pictures while they were out traveling, but it just doesn’t seem feasible.  Either you brave trusting some random stranger to hold onto your camera or you attempt to set up a tripod and timer.  Most tripods are bulky and would be difficult to set up in a busy area.  Now with this Monsterpod it’d work out great even in the most busy areas.

The Monsterpod is said to stick to virtually any surface (over 1,000 different surfaces), it can even hang upside down.  The stand can then tilt and rotate to get the angle you want and is waterproof and dirt resistant.  If it does get dirty though it can be washed with water.  It will hold any camera up to 20oz, so you’d have to know how much your camera weighs.  Likely the larger cameras are going to be pushing it a bit, since a Nikon D70 Digital SLR weighs 21oz.   As long as the camera is under that weight it will stay in place for 1-10 minutes and sometimes even longer than that.  You can purchase it for $30 from Photojojo.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets