Vinyl CDs offer a bit of retro fun

by Ally

If you still love all that retro technology, but want to keep up with the current stuff.  Well, you probably shouldn’t buy these then.  It’s pretty much almost outdated technology featuring a design that makes it look like super outdated technology.  However, if you are still using CDs every so often (which I do on occasion myself), these would be fun to own.  Although, you’d probably start over thinking what you put on the CDs.  You can’t just place anything on cool retro CDs such as these.

You can’t just put pictures on these just before you pass them off to a family member who gets fussy over the concept of emailing pictures.  You have to put great tunes on these CDs and then put them on display, shown off to every guest that comes into your home or car.  Each recordable CD comes with a sleeve designed to look like a 7” record sleeve.  Each CD has 700MB of storage on it, with that amount of storage, it’s a wonder why we ever switched to flash drives.  You can pick up a set of four for £7.99 or about $11.50 on Thumbs Up UK.  Well, that is you could if they weren’t out of stock right now.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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