Blown Ups Glass Floor Lamps

by Ally

This is one way to make sure that you feel like you’re living in a small circus when you’re in your living room.  After all, life does have a tendency to feel as chaotic as one, so you might as well decorate like you’re in one and have all the fun that goes with it.  These cute little lamps feature shapes that make them look like cute balloon animals.  Which would make them great for fun lighting in your living room or just as decoration in a child’s room.  Some would be better for kids, but one or two look like they’re designed more for the adults.

Particularly the grenade lamp is probably not designed for children.  The rest would probably work well enough for them though.   Although the cute ice cream shape will probably have you and the kids constantly wanting to take a trip out to the local ice cream parlor.  They are all blown glass and are floor standing lamps.  The stand itself is silver finished steel to go with the glass lights.  Unfortunately, these are going to be a little pricey, at least they will likely be.  You have to contact the designer to get actual prices, but at least they are officially for sale.

Source: bbgadgets

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TajmahalCasino Says: February 26, 2009 at 7:38 am

ohhhhh so addorable

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