The Hand Held Flameless Lantern with Timer

by Ally

I’ve seen lamps like this before, but usually with a candle glowing within the lamp.  However, this one features a flickering bulb that gives the illusion of a candle glinting within.  It will provide a much safer way to have soft lighting within your home that takes a new spin on an old fashioned design.  Although they did put in a bulb instead of a candle, this light didn’t cut any corners.  The shade is real frosted glass, so at least they didn’t cheap out on the rest of the lamp.

It is a far safer design, but I always have a hard time with gadgets meant to replace candles entirely.  I like candles because they smell good.  Something tells me a light bulb isn’t going to smell as grand as a nice hazelnut scented candle.  The light has a built-in timer that can be set to shut off five hours after you flip it on.  You can also manually shut it off or turn it on via the switch.  The lamp uses 3 AA batteries to keep it powered, so it’s cord free.  Beyond the glass shade, it has a bronzed base and stands 8” tall.  You can purchase this on Amazon for $19.95.

Source: GadgetGrid

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Picasso Says: February 26, 2009 at 5:56 am

Good idea. You don’t have to deal with oils or toxic fumes and get the same effect and mood. Nice green idea- Kudos on this gadget.

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