The 8GB Airplane Shaped USB Flash Drive

by Ally

Here’s another airplane related gadget to add to the collection.  There has been the airplane shaped mouse as well as the USB fan shaped like an airplane.  If you or one of your children loves airplanes, that short list of airplane themed gadgets would be fun to acquire.  It would also be cheap, those two gadgets are under $15.  Although, this Airplane Shaped USB Drive is actually a little more than $15.  To hold to the airplane design, they made it so that the connector is retractable.

The USB drive is 8GB, so should be a decent size for most people.  It might be hard to get taken seriously at work with this in hand though.  Then again, most novelty gadgets are that way.  It’s sold on Chinavasion, so you can pick up one or you can buy these in bulk.  Of course, the more you buy the cheaper each of them becomes.  The 8GB drive, if you buy only one, is sold for $23.87.  When you buy ten or more, the price starts dropping a little.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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