Myracer lisse T10

by Mark R

Sure, Portable Media Players (PMPs) are a dime a dozen, and many of them have identical features. So when it comes to new PMPs, it is mostly about the look on the outside, rather than what the PMP has on the inside.

The Myracer lisse T10 has that distinct look to it that is designed by the same people who created those nice-looking Cowan media players released a while ago. It also has taken a page from the iRiver Spinn as it has that dial interface for “analog scrolling” through the menu screen.

Speaking of the screen, the T10 is a 320 x 240 touchscreen that measures in at 2.8 inches. It also has a built-in speaker, voice recorder, and FM tuner. As for memory, it has about 2 to 4 GB worth of storage, which is enough for whatever audio and video files you want to put in there.

This is one of those PMPs that will have a Korean release, but I’m not certain that it will stay in Korea. Unfortunately, we don’t have any word on price or availability.

Another vague detail that I have from my sources is that the Myracer lisse T10 comes with some games. I’m guessing that you play them with the dial, and I can’t wait to see what type of games they are. Super Monkey Ball, anyone?


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