Studylite Lamp solar-powered for low-income students

Here’s a lamp that was specifically designed for students, to make hours upon hours of studying a bit more comfortable.  They actually teamed up with Sankara Nethralaya University Hospital that specializes in the study of eye science.  By teaming up with them, they created this lamp to use the most optimal levels of lighting ambiance.  That way your eyes might not get tired quite as soon and you might be able to study a bit longer than you normally would manage.  On top of that, this lamp has eco-friendly benefits.

To charge up the light, it has an attached solar panel that charges a NimH battery, that will then last up to six hours.  The halo design utilizes 24 LED lights,  that are apparently set up in such a way that they’ll be more comfortable than the standard lamp.  This was created by an Indian company to help out low-income students in developing countries, especially in areas that have issues with power shortages.  With this, even when the power is out, you could still continue studying.  The lamp is priced at $33, which isn’t bad, but it does seem a bit steep to be marketed towards low-income students.

Source: Wired