Birdwatcher’s Motion Activated Camera


I find birdwatching to be rather boring, but there are thousands of birdwatching enthusiasts around the world who try to track their feathered friends almost religiously, getting much more excitement out of it compared to the Super Bowl. Since we humans cannot run for 24/7 without getting some rest, why not let technology be on our side to capture the image of that elusive pale-headed brush finch when you’re not around? That’s what the Birdwatcher’s Motion Activated Camera is for.

This weather-resistant digital camera detects motion and automatically snaps pictures of birds or other wildlife. When the 1.3 megapixel camera senses motion within its 9″ x 12″ field-of-view, it instantly captures up to 20 pictures in 20 seconds. The camera mounts to windows, walls, posts, or trees (mounting accessories provided). You can pan and tilt the camera up to 15° and the touch of a button projects a laser beam that shows where pictures will be taken, providing a reliable guide for directing the camera at birdbaths or bird feeders. The lens can be focused at 5′, 6 1/2′ or 10′ away from your subject, ensuring clear photographs. The camera automatically enters a “sleep” mode when no motion is detected and shuts off at night, conserving energy for more optimal shooting conditions. Pictures are time- and date-stamped and stored in JPEG format on the included 2GB SD memory card. Includes four AA batteries that provide up to 6 months of operation, a tape measure labeled with the three lens-focusing distances, and a tripod socket.

Forking out $199.95 for this sounds much better than getting a stand-in assistant who might be napping on the job.

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