Internet Clock Radio

You know something? I find it amazing that watches are still in vogue – after all, the digital lifestyle sees us carry at least a couple of timepieces at any one time including our MP3 player, portable media player, cell phone, notebook or desktop. Guess a good watch is one that boasts a timeless design as well as accurate reading, while it wouldn’t hurt to have it come with diamonds studded all over to function as a fashion accessory. For folks who live on a much more meager salary, there are always more affordable alternatives around, and in this case, free. The Internet Clock Radio will need a basic (free again) version of the RealPlayer plugin to work, although Safari and Opera web browsers are not supported.

4 thoughts on “Internet Clock Radio”

  1. i guess it depends on the age of the user. younger people seems to depend on their phone for telling time.

  2. Nifty interface. Great station list. I’m partial to wearing analog watches and my Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock on the bed side table.

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