eFileFolders looks and works just like paper folders


Take a walk around any well kept home or office and chances are you will find a bunch of folders in the study or library. They might contain anything from telephone bills to insurance receipts as well as monthly utility bills, but the whole point to this is, a file is useful when you want to organize things into different compartments and segments so that they are easily retrievable whenever you need them. Files have also inspired modern user interfaces in computers to appear as a virtual folder, but eFileFolders aim to take another step forward in this department. As Aftab Jiwani, founder of eFileFolders proudly stated, “If Content is King, then User Interface is the Queen, Prince, Princess and all the rest.” More on eFileFolders right after the jump.

While the majority of other commercially available Document Management Software programs in the market work, look and feel the same whilst requiring a certain degree of integration and training, eFileFolders take a different route as it is the only one of its kind at the moment. This patent pending, file viewing and document organization and storage tool won’t stray away from familiar territory where its electronic format is concerned, as it enables users to “create, edit, store, and retrieve eFileFolders, just as they do with paper file folders but without the actual paper.” This means there is no need for expensive, complicated and redundant software to pick up and learn, all you need to do is purchase eFileFolders instead of actual folders from your favorite office supplies store.

No longer do you need to contend with creating labels according to your name or writing down those file names by hand – eFileFolders will enable users to create, Electronic, On Screen, and paperless eFileFolders to organize, protect and store documents. There’s just something about electronic versions that one ought to look out for – that is making a backup regularly just in case it all goes snuff.

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