The All in One Memory Card Reader that features a big red heart

This gadget probably would have been better to show before Valentine’s Day, but it’s still a cute little card reader.  It’d be great for anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck with the plain boring USB drive.  Which I’m sure covers a great deal of people, but they’d have to not mind sweet romantic prints.  Although it does feature a bright red heart, I, surprisingly, don’t really see the design as nauseatingly sweet.

That’s probably because it almost has a retro tattoo style design.  Since it is just a card reader, it’s really not going to have anything special.  It doesn’t whip up a fresh cup of coffee or do cool flips to keep you entertained and awake at work.  It is convenient though since it reads MicroSD, MMC micro, MiniSD, XD, MMC mobile, MMC Plus, M2, MS Duo and SD cards.  It also has the extra bonus by being actually inexpensive.  You can purchase it for $7.99 on Sourcing Map.

Source: Eb$29.99