Revio Programmable Light Switch

by Mark R

The Light Switch is one of those pieces of technology that doesn’t really need improvement, right? It’s basically binary on and off, right? If you want, you could put in a dimmer dial, or give it some push button interface, and that is as advanced as it usually gets.

The Revio programmable light switches by FirstHand Design could be the beginning of a new trend in light switches as it has eight programmable buttons for all kinds of lighting configurations. It is also compatible with anything else electric that requires a switch.

Also included is a dim/bright controller knob, and an infrared receiver to control it all from a distance. Believe it or not, the Revio light switch has flash memory and can be programmed from the iCAN network. The light switch is hardly binary anymore.

Another interesting feature is that the user can insert whatever background for the light switch by placing it behind the plastic cover. So if you want to put in a different photo, or typeface, it is up to you to decide what labels for the lighting setup.

So what we have here is a programmable light switch that you can accessorize to match with your décor! So far, this looks like just some concept technology for now, but it is a positive step for the world of light switches.

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