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Thinking about getting a new smartphone but have absolutely no idea on which direction to go? Here’s a pointer – AT&T will be bringing the masses the latest smartphone from Pantech, known as the Pantech Matrix Pro this coming February 24th on an exclusive basis. This is the next generation phone from Pantech, featuring a similiar dual-slider, double keyboard cell phone that is found in its predecessors, after all if something isn’t broke, why fix it? The Matrix Pro will feature a bunch of updated specifications and functions, all crammed into a premium design. More on the Pantech Matrix Pro right after the jump.

Under the dual-sliding keyboards and refined steel-blue chassis, you will find that the Matrix Pro runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 – which is a disappointment to me as I would have preferred to see the recently announced Windows Mobile 6.5 included instead, perhaps Pantech will issue an operating system upgrade to users sometime down the road for free? The Matrix Pro, being a 3G-capable handset, is able to let you carry out a conference call on a headset while sending and receiving e-mail attachments, picture messages or Web pages simultaneously. The smartphone isn’t large enough to cause an unsightly bulge in your pants pocket, as it fits snugly in your hand, and boasts a QWERTY keyboard that works just fine whenever you have a flurry of e-mails to send out within a short period of time.

As mentioned earlier, the Pantech Matrix Pro will be out this coming February 24th in a steel-blue metallic finish, retailing for $179.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and agreeing to a 2 year contract. Would you switch to this smartphone if it is time to renew your contract, or would you prefer to upgrade to an iPhone instead?

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