Unibind Photos and Sounds Puts Audio on your Photo Album

by Mark R

We have reported on the Unibind’s Photobook Creator before, and I seem to recall saying in that review that I would probably report on Unibind again. Sure enough, I have just heard of a brand-new development that Unibind is working on.

Unibind’s Photos N Sounds is “the first photo book that allows anyone to record a personalized voice message”. The recording apparatus is on the cover, and it works by hitting a record button and saying the message or music. If the user is satisfied with the message, then he or she rips off a tab to make the audio file permanent.

This is perfect for scrapbookers who want to have a personalized message attached to their scrapbooking album. This can also work for businesses who want to put audio to their marketing album/brochures.

In addition to the personalized message, Photos N Sounds can play popular theme songs like Christmas carols or the “Happy Birthday” song. I have a little suggestion for Unibind: make it so the user can download an MP3 via USB. I’m sure that Unibind has already thought of that, and I’m certain it is probably more difficult than it sounds. Otherwise, that technology would be out by now.

The Photos N Sounds album is planned to be unveiled at the Photo Marketing Association Show (PMA) in Las Vegas on March 3-5, 2009. The price has not been determined.


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