The Traum White Legacy Safe costs as much as a house

by Ally

A safe is not pretty and not meant to be in all the cases I’ve seen.  They stash your valuables and in some cases even your electronic data.  Yet, this safe is in every way pretty.  It’s bright white, which isn’t exactly something that would turn heads.  However, on the inside it features a mirror and a full set of drawers to hold your small items such as jewelry.  There are a total of ten drawers, that can have different inserts fitted to accommodate the individual, such as a tray specifically for rings.

It’s the perfect set up for those with an overabundance of expensive jewelry.  I’m not even sure if I own enough cheap jewelry to fill this thing.  They don’t give dimensions for the safe, but it comes almost to chest height on the model that poses with it in other pictures.  It features high gloss chrome fittings, a maple interior and specialized steel and alloy plates.  It also features a simple electronic combination lock.  If you’d like to get your hands on this luxury safe it will cost you $74, 745.

Source: BornRich

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