The Spy Alarm Kit records when someone trespasses

Every kid goes through phases where they want to be different things, a ninja, a magician and finally, a spy.  This little toy would appeal to aspiring spies in the family.  It would also appeal to kids attempting to keep older or younger siblings out of their room.  It won’t exactly bar them from the bedroom, but it’ll at least make a lot of noise.  Which means this is not the toy to have if you have an infant in the house as well.  That or a dog that insists upon barking at absolutely everything.

If you don’t have the key card, the alarm will go off and it will record when exactly someone broke in.  That way if someone goes in while no one is around, they’ll know exactly when the crime took place.  It’s best for ages 6 and up, since there are smaller parts that a small child could choke on.  It uses 2 AAA batteries to keep things up and running.  It’d be a noisy toy, but it’d be fun for the kids.  You can purchase it online for $18.95 on Fat Brain Toys.

Source: OhGizmo