The Ghoul Series of USB Drives

by Ally

For those of you that enjoy your gadgets being good and morbid, you’ll love these little guys.  These four little ghouls don’t exactly look dark and sinister, instead they make what they’re supposed to be seem sweet and nice.  It’s almost as if they made them appear to be ghouls, but ones you might find frolicking through a field of flowers.  Which would make these a great gift for kids and teens alike.  They’d also be great for full-grown adults that just need a giggle midway through the day to last through those Monday blues.

The drives are made of durable solid rubber casing, which should make it durable enough to survive being carted around all the time and maybe a bit of light abuse as well.  The drives aren’t all that large, only 2GB.  It’ll still work for smaller jobs though, just not for transferring large files over.  It comes in four different forms, Corpse, Bloody, Mr. Black and lastly Mr. White.  You can purchase the 2GB drive for $15 on USB Geek, which is cheap enough you could collect the whole series.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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