Wake up to chirping with the Early Bird Alarm Clock

by Ally

No one enjoys the sound of an alarm clock, the typical sounds that come with them are jarring and enough to make you want to smash the clock against the wall. If you’re difficult to wake up in the morning, it might not be such a bad thing that it’s so loud. However, for the average person that wakes up fairly easily, those obnoxious sounds just annoy when it’s not actually necessary to wake up scowling. Well this little clock from Fred’s new line will wake you up every morning with the chirping of a bird.

Hopefully it will be plenty loud enough to pull you out of your sleep, but still not so loud that it’s just as obnoxious as the beeping of other clocks. On the bottom of the clock it has a normal analog clock. On the top is a little bird, then when it’s going off it not only chirps, but pulses and glows as well. The clock isn’t out just yet, since it’s a part of the brand new line of products. However, Perpetual Kid has already got it up on their site and they’re predicting it will be in mid-February. At that point you can purchase it for $24.99.

Source: Newlaunches

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