Swivel Lights illuminate specific areas

by Ally

Night lights are great to help you wander to a certain area of the house at night, without having to wake anyone by turning on an actual light.  The down side is that they tend to illuminate directly above them on the wall and that’s it.  They don’t really cast light on any particular thing in any one direction.  Well these swivel lights are made to make sure one specific thing or direction is illuminated.  Making wandering up and down stairs in the dark a bit safer.

Little lights like these, most people could live without.  However, they do make life a little easier.  They’d be even better for younger children that have to use the bathroom at night.  It might make them feel a little more secure.  The swivel lights come in packs of four, which means you could place these in a few different areas.  They’re automatic, when there’s light, it shuts off, when it’s dark it flips back on.  It uses an LED bulb, so there won’t be a need to change bulbs.  You can pick them up from Harriet Carter for $12.98 a pack.

Source:  BookofJoe

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