Solar-Powered DS Lite

by Mark R

Every once in a while, some DIY tech from a site called Instructables displays some homemade tech that should have been created by major electronics companies and not the people at home.

Today, it is a Solar Powered Nintendo DS Lite. Yes, someone other than Nintendo has figured out that affixing 60 x 60 millimeter solar panels to charge a power draining device is a good idea. They can create 6 volts of electricity, which is just enough for playing in the sun.

Why didn’t Nintendo think of this when they created the DS Lite? I mean, most pocket calculators are solar-powered, so shouldn’t we put solar panels on other portable electronics? That is, if it works.

I guess solar power isn’t as efficient as we like it to be. There has got to be a way to stretch out the power of the renewable source of energy as ever-present as the sun. That’s right, we are supposed to be saving energy now, so let’s figure out how to really do it, please.

Well, if you want to make your own solar-powered Nintendo DS Lite, feel free to head over to the Instructables site and find out how to make it here. If you want to mass-produce it and make some money of this good idea, then you’ll probably have to make a few phone calls.


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ndsbooks Says: February 14, 2009 at 7:40 am

We saw this on another blog and thought, WOW thats great we want one. We just had to mention it in our newsa section at

The blogger also commented thought that we as consumers should be able to buy more stuff like this with solar power already included, or at least as an option – Now I think that is a great idea and would not add too much to the cost.

Back to the DS and solar power, for those that don’t know which end of a soldering iron is the wrong end to hold, you can get your hands on solar powered rechargers for the Nintendo DS from places like ebay. Now as compact (or integral) as the above, but a great alternative.

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