SnoBootz help drivers sttay on the road in harsh winter conditions.


They’re called SnoBootz. Think of them as snow shoes for your car. Not as gangly as snow chains, to be sure, but they’re quick to install and fit like a glove on your tires. In this harsh winter weather, every car needs an edge to keep it on the road, and SnoBootz may act better than the traditional chains that most people use in the northern part of the country where snow is part of the local flora and fauna.

SnowBootz have rooted steel claws built into them to grab onto the ice for serious traction. They’re built around some tough laminated donut shaped fabric which act like a skin on and fit tightly around the perimeter of the tire. Installation is easy – lay out the Bootz, drive over them, and then snap them together. Things go faster if you have two people working at it, but single drivers can easily handle installation as well. The tough part, however, may be taking them off as driving on them in cold weather make them contract tightly on the wheels to the point where only getting a firm grip and pulling for all your worth will get the catches to release. But is that a bad thing? It just means that SnoBootz will stay on safely and securely until you want to take them off.

Cost is between $200-250.

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