Is Lego getting into the wireless phone market?

by James

It’s not to want a piece of the wireless market when there’s one cellphone for every 2 ½ people on the planet. That amounts to a lot of people with a cellphone. Course, if Steve Jobs had his way, they’d all have iPhones. But Apple doesn’t have global domination yet and there’s plenty pieces of the cell phone pie. So who wouldn’t want to break them off some of that. And Lego, with their new partners Digital Blue, see the handwriting on the wall. Digital Blue is no stranger to electronics, having created some fantastic low-cost kid gadgets for Disney which include mp3 players and low res digital cameras. And now, it looks like they’re designing a really cool Lego Cellphone with wireless carrier Alcatel.

The basic design looks very Nokia like with multi colored snap attachments that can change the colors. And, of course, there’s the iconic nibs that make Legos so fun to build with. No word yet on pricing, features or availability. But the Lego obsessed (like my 9 year old) will surely dig em when they come out sometime in the near future.

Hat Tip – Boy Genius

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neagle Says: February 15, 2009 at 11:24 am

I like it and I don’t say that often about a cell phone.

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