The Wooden Flashlight from Areaware

by Ally

We’ve all seen the various wooden gadgets that have come out, well now there’s even a wooden flashlight.  The flashlight, I have to say, is looking a bit plain, so it’s most definitely for those that love nice clean lines and no extra frills.  Oddly although this is wooden, it claims to be actually eco-friendly.  It doesn’t much explain why it is able to use such a title though, that is besides using an energy efficient LED bulb.

I usually prefer it when a site at least attempts to explain why they’re calling their product eco-friendly.  It would be far better than just taking their word for it, since a great deal of manufacturers like to toss around the phrase far more than it should actually be used.  The flashlight from Areaware measures 10 x 2 x 2 inches.  This little flashlight is definitely expensive too, it will end up costing you $75 to pick yourself one up.  That’s probably quite a bit more than most people would plan on spending on a flashlight.

Source: Bltd

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