The Combi iPod Bouncer lets you expose babies to real music

Many women believe that having their unborn child listen to certain music is highly good for them.  That usually means they have headphones playing Bach attached to their belly.  However, for others it means that they’re educating their child on a few rock legends or their favorite artist.  Well why end it when the child is born?  Now with this Combi iPod Bouncer, you can have your child bouncing away to your favorite songs.  Perhaps it will also mean that when they’re older you won’t get stuck listening to Disney’s greatest hits in the car just to keep them quiet.

The bouncer can be hooked up to either an iPod or just any other type of MP3 player.  The bouncer also includes a canopy (that is removable) and a bar with toys hanging from it to keep your child happy and entertained.  The seat itself has two different positions it can recline into.  It is meant for children 6 months and older, with a weight limit of 25lbs.  It does say that it could be used for newborns in the fully reclined position, but for preemie babies weighing less than 5lbs you should consult a pediatrician.  You can purchase the seat for $79.99 on Think Geek.

Source: ShinyShiny