The Vine Camouflage Concept Cord

by Ally

If all those cords drive you crazy, here is a creative way to keep them hidden.  The cord itself is made to look like a vine, making your house appear as if it’s being taken over by vines on the inside of the house.  Just don’t let someone accidentally yank this out of the wall, thinking it is real greenery.  Although if your cord did have leaves hanging off of it, it would make it a bit more difficult to travel with it.  Which makes this a bit better for the cords you know won’t need to be moved anytime soon.

The cool thing is with this concept design, you could probably get creative and create your own version.  Just use some floral tape and some plastic leaves to give the vine look.  It’s especially good that you could pull this off on your own, since it’s a bit unlikely this will be hitting the stores right now.  Although many would jump at the chance to make their cords more interesting, it just wouldn’t be practical for those that pack it to travel.

Source: Gizmodiva

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