The Heart Shaped Cupid MP3 Player Necklace

by Ally

For those of you that are nuts about Valentine’s Day, here’s another sappy gift you can pick up.  Of course it’s going to look a bit odd throughout the year, however, everyone will always know about your cheesy romantic tendencies with this around.  It can even pass off as jewelry since it can be attached to a lanyard and worn around the neck.  Granted, somehow I see a pricey necklace getting you a bit further than this hunk of plastic.

If you’re buying this for someone else, you could even pop on some music to set the mood.  If it’s for you, you could make this MP3 player your sappy music MP3 player.  You’ll be able to pack 1GB of love songs onto it.  On one side it features cupid and on the other it goes for the minimal look and keeps things blank and bright red.  Originally it claims that some genius thought they were going to be able to sell this for $129.95, now they’ve gotten a bit smarter though and have it priced at $24.95.

Source: ChipChick

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