Dell Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer

by Mark R

For those of you who have digital photos stored on any mobile device, and want a mobile way of printing them, you might wish to purchase the Dell Wasabi, which measures in at 4.8 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches. The Wasabi might not be a green paste that makes your sushi more zesty, but it is the first Dell product that is ZINK-y.

Yes, the Wasabi PZ310 is an ultra mobile printer is Dell’s first ZINK-enabled product, and it is able to produce 2 x 3 inch prints. All the user has to do is send their digital image to the Wasabi PZ310 via Bluetooth, and they can have a scrapbook-quality photo in under a minute.

ZINK technology doesn’t require the use of ink cartridges at all, instead, you use a special kind of paper that goes through the Wasabi, and it will come out on the other side as a full color photo. Hopefully ZINK technology will catch on so that landfills have one less problem to worry about, although I do hope that the special print paper it uses won’t be too expensive in the long run.

Well, the price for the Dell Wasabi is about $99, in black, pink, and blue. The $99 is just the introductory price. I’m not certain if it will go higher.

So dude, you’re getting a Dell Wasabi! Yeah, that ad campaign is like, what, nine years old? Next thing you know, I’ll be doing the Budweiser “Whazzzup?”


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